Learn STEM – The Pedagogical Tools

Learn STEM has developed several tools for the application of the Learn STEM Pedagogical Model:

The Inquiry Learning Package provides tools and examples for Innovative STEM Learning and Teaching and in particular for the application of Learn STEM.

A Checklist for the Learn STEM Pedagogical Model was prepared that you can easily evaluate how much your STEM education and projects are fulfilling the dimensions and characteristics of the Learn STEM Pedagogical Model.

Finally, the Annex 1 of the Learn STEM Pedagogical Model presents Good Practice Examples of innovative STEM education and learning.

Learn STEM is the Pedagogical Model for Innovative STEM Learning and Teaching. It comprises a general framework for improving learning and teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in secondary schools. It has been developed by nine partners from six European countries (The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Portugal), including experts with professional background in the field of teaching STEM, secondary schools, research, vocational education institutions and developers with technical knowledge and expertise.

Learn STEM provides teachers not only with general guidelines, but also with tools for their practical school education in STEM. This refers particularly to the Inquiry Learning Package and training modules.

Consequently, the following examples and tools have been selected to support teachers in implementing practical STEM exercises which follow the principles of Learn STEM.

They incorporate the following STEM subjects:

Informatics (Robotics and Internet of Things):   Examples 1−8

Physics:   Examples 9−10

Biology and Chemistry:   Examples 11−12

You can download the Learn STEM Inquiry Learning Package for Innovative STEM Learning and Teaching here.