Kaunas Simonas Daukantas Progymnasium

Kaunas Simonas Daukantas Progymnasium, Lithuania, is the school which has been successfully overcoming challenges and meeting changes and new ideas for fifty years. The name of Simonas Daukantas makes us reach our targets, accept new obligations and, what is most important, to obey the rules of a fair play which help to create respect and trust.

Members of our school community do not predict the future: they create it. What is more, each our action is conditioned by the principals of creativity, openness, cooperation and life-long-learning. We strongly believe this to be the basis for educating a successful, confident and critically thinking personality.

At Kaunas Simonas Daukantas Progymnasium we organize untraditional education which encourages pupils’ interest in STEAM, learning by doing, project based learning as well as learning in not traditional educational environments. We are assured that we created the formula of success that helps us improve creating culture of innovations and an image of an organization without borders, consulting other educational institutions and learning from our social partners.

Key staff:

Jekaterina Juknevičienė – the principal

Aivaras Kunigonis – deputy, history teacher

Alma Rimkevičė – English teacher, project manager

Jūratė Sapiegaitė – ethics teacher, librarian, psychologist

Laima Daukšytė-Koncevičienė – maths teacher

Rasa Bakienė – chemistry and arts teacher

Laimutė Leonavičienė – deputy, physics teacher

Fernando Antunez Cid – IT and robotics teacher

Laima Razbadauskytė – biology teacher

Kristina Vaitilavičienė – Lithuanian teacher

Rita Dulskienė – primary school teacher