Kaunas Science and Technology Park

Kaunas Science and Technology Park, Lithuania, is the largest partner of science and business cooperation in this Baltic country. It is the only Science Park in Lithuania with business incubation facilities, Technology Demonstration Centre on site.

Kaunas Science and Technology Park has more than 15 years of experience in assisting and supporting innovative and technology-oriented SMEs, start-up and spin-off companies in Kaunas region and Lithuania. Kaunas STP organizes and provides more than 20 information events during a year, about 10 training work-shop cycles for SMEs and entrepreneurs and whose, who want to start their own business.

Kaunas STP has perfect abilities to provide training seminars and workshops for entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs, science institutions, society and serves with all needed technical assistance.

The further steps into promotion of the entrepreneurial culture are taken: cooperation with EU universities, initiation of EU-scale projects, funding of Kaunas Science Valley SANTAKA.

Key Staff:

Vaiva Kelmelyte

Jurate Daneniene